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poet-one° Multi-Room°
Anker 2

poet-one° Multi-Room°

Coming soon: multi-room in high-end

Poet-one° Mulit-Room° enables perfect sound in many rooms.

Elegant and simple by using your smartphone.


No server, no complicated computer networking.


Available presumably February 2016.


How to set-up a POET multi room-system

Apple Airplay®

Frontier Silicon



Place poet-one° in every single room you want.


Download one of the apps displayed beneath from the internet to your iPhone/Smartphone. These apps are available in the Apple App Store and in the Android Store.



Connect your poet-one° sound system via the app with your home WIFI.

Name the various poet-one° after the particular room ("library" etc.).



You can now stream music in each room - directly from your iPhone or Smartphone - and take advantage of several online-music- and radio-services. 



Anker 1

Available presumably 02/2016.

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