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pandoretta° wireless 360°

pandoretta°: sensational 360° mono sound

Unattached test reports show:

pandoretta° offers an incomparable sound within wireless sound systems.

One reason is the unique mono sound!




Stereo is amazing. We love Stereo, as we demonstrate with our Stereo Systems baretta° and sinfonetta°.

But Stereo works only if you sit exactly in the middle between two speakers. Outside this perfect position you will loose music information because either the right or the left channel will partially disappear.


Therefore, mono is the better alternative for people in motion.


Mono has tradition. Mono allows precise listening experience wherever you are. 


pandoretta° implements an approximate 360° mono sound radiation via seven invisible speakers and a 170 watt amplifier.


Tests of international media confirm: pandoretta° and co. provide an incomparable sound quality among the available wireless sound systems.


--> read the test reports 




360° mono


Anker 2

Streaming from your smartphone in CD-quality 

By using music files in top-qualitiy and thanks to modern codecs.


Technical specifications

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