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baretta° Wireless High End Stereo

Clear  your memory of common stereo equipment

MONO sound systems from POET - pandoretta °, poet-one ° and fonetta ° - are perfect  for mobile people. Listening pleasure regardless of the position.

But STEREO literally brings the ambitious music lover an extended pleasure!

We are proud to present you our new family member.



The eye sees three slim bodies with only ten inches of height.

The aesthetic pursues the globally praised designs of the Austrian Design Award Winner T. Feichtner.

At once the ear perceives the power, size and authenticity of a concerto.



Designed by Austrian Design Award Winner

Anker 1

Absolute Plug&Play


baretta ° - like all POET systems - offers the simplest handling in the world with accessability through a smartphone, tablet or Mac.

If you like, you can connect a turntable. Very stylish.


How to overcome paradigms.

Music from a smartphone cannot be high end?

Design cannot align with pure sound?

Sound Bars offer poor sound quality - of course most of them do; but is it a law?

Forget traditional concepts.

It was a team of sound engineers, musicians and sound fetishists whose ambition led to the birth of baretta. The goal was: a listening experience which produces goose bumps. And maybe even tears.

Just like a live concert.

Our strict test listeners - including professionals and owners of very expensive old school stereo systems - confirm:  dead on target.


A detailed view of the baretta°

Areas of application

Fine living rooms

Home cinemas with TV sets from 60 inches (screen size of 152 - 229 centimeters)

Seminar and conference rooms

Lounges and luxury suites in top hotels



Bluetooth® receiver of the latest generation with aptX® for loss-free,

wireless music reception

Bluetooth® aptX® range up to 20 meters

Airplay® optional

Prerequisite for optimum sound: "losless" music files ALAC, FLAC or WAV for optimal playback

Optional: Phono preamplifier for connecting an audiophile record player

Addition of all input signals - no input selection required!

Analog input jack 3.5 mm

Optical input for TV

Automatic wake-up function when detecting a music signal

Automatic standby after ten minutes of inactivity

Ultra easy concept: No additional app needed: Plug & Play



"The baretta ° is definitely and without compromise a serious stereo system, especially from an audiophile point of view... Even at the highest volume, the baretta ° sounded flawless and clean, clear and radiant, bass-proof and funky....The baretta ° shows that exclusive, even disruptive design does not have to be accompanied by a loss of sound. Successful experiment. Hats off."


J.Reinecke, FIDELITY Editor, Germany

Read full test report of FIDELITY Hifi Magazine

baretta Penthouse.jpg


A reference for the technically interested and skeptics


Quality of music files

Naturally a high-end system like baretta ° can only achieve its full potential by using high-quality music files (wav, FLAC, ALAC, but even AAC etc). The good news is that music services like Apple Music and TIDAL deliver such quality! There is demonstrably no audible difference to CD.


Room acoustics

Hall effects, standing waves in the bass range, and other acoustic devils should be held in check to achieve the highest level of sound fidelity.

We would be happy to advise you on the subject of room acoustics.


High End

High End

Made of Steel

Made of Steel

Perfection & Passion

Perfection & Passion

Central Intelligence

Central Intelligence





Technical specifications

Three modules: 2 x 45 cm 3 way speaker left and right channel

Body made of Valchromat (special MDF), surface brushed stainless steel

Plus 1x 80 cm Subwoofer, anthracite powdercoated

Depth: 30.5 cm

Total height: only 10.5 cm; Plus feet

Welded by hand

Bass, mid range and subwoofer with distortion-resistant Kevlar membrane

Three state-of-the-art POET Class-D amplifiers provide overall performance

440 watts of 20-20,000 Hertz +/- 0.5dB

Unique combination of active and passive crossover with minimal phase shifts

Connection of the individual modules by a high-quality 4-pole spiral cable:

Enables expansion of the modules - thus the stereo effect - up to 3 meters

Dimensions in the compact basic state 173,5 x 14,0 x 30,5 cm (w x h x d)

Weight approx. 20 kg


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