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Anker 1


Wireless meets vinyl.


Streaming music wirelessly from your phone is convenient.

But using vinyl... that's pure style!


fonetta° enables both. Wireless. Ultra easy.

Ultra easy: simpliest handling worldwide.


Even fonetta° is part of our ultra-easy philosophy.


Setting record players or pick-ups? 

Downloading an app?


No. Absolute Plug & Play.


Turn the power on, place a stereophonic record and play music.

Or stream music from your smartphone via Bluetooth® in CD-quality.



Decent from the outside. High-end in the inside.

In the inside, fonetta° hides audiophile technology.


A 120 watt amplifier, a lossless Bluetooth receiver, a 3-way high-end loudspeaker, an audiophile record player and a phono-preamplifier.


No visible wires, no unsightly remotes. 


But especially: fonetta° offers an outstanding acoustic pattern, built-up within more than

25 years of know-how in developing high end systems.

Austrian fono technology 

Technical specifications

The photos of the fonetta ° were made in the studio of the Austrian painter Martin Schnur.

--> Visit Martin Schnur



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